Just Roll With It: Season Two Fact Sheet

Just Roll With It: Season Two Fact Sheet




Title:                                     “Just Roll With It”

Network:                               Disney Channel

Season Two Premiere Date:   Sunday, March 15 (8:45 p.m. EDT/PDT)


Target Demographic:             Kids age 6-11 and their families


Synopsis:                              Filmed before a studio audience, “Just Roll With It” blends improvisational comedy with a scripted family sitcom that allows the studio audience the opportunity to select the direction of key scenes. This unique series follows the newly blended Bennett-Blatt family—preteen stepsiblings Blair and Owen and their fun-loving parents Rachel and Byron—as they navigate everyday family life and the ups and downs of adolescence while balancing a household of contrasting personalities. Blair, often a rebel without a cause, is the polar opposite of her very regimented but loving mom Rachel, who is a decorated military veteran and station manager for BEATZ 101. Owen, a model student who thrives when following rules and detailed schedules, tries to manage his creative and charismatic father Byron, an on-air radio personality at BEATZ 101 who frequently stirs up hijinks with his high-energy co-host, Gator. Through it all, the Bennett-Blatts, and the actors who play them, take whatever life—and the studio audience—throws at them … and they “Just Roll With It.”


Cast:                                                                           Tobie Windham as Byron

Suzi Barrett as Rachel

                                             Ramon Reed as Owen

                                             Kaylin Hayman as Blair

                                             J.C. Currais as Gator

Created by:                            Adam Small and Trevor Moore


Executive Producers:             Adam Small and Trevor Moore


Production Location:             Los Angeles, CA

Production Company:            Kenwood TV Productions, Inc.

Parental Guideline:                TV-G

Social Media:                         @DisneyChannelPR, #JustRollWithIt, #DisneyChannel


Press Contacts:                     Lakeitcha Thomas

(818) 569-7807



                                             Julie Mitchell

                                             (818) 569-5993



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