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Colton’s continuing search for his soulmate moves on to the tropical paradise of Khao Lak, Thailand. Thirteen determined women see this lush destination as a great opportuni… Read Synopsis

Colton’s continuing search for his soulmate moves on to the tropical paradise of Khao Lak, Thailand. Thirteen determined women see this lush destination as a great opportunity to advance their individual love stories with the Bachelor. Heather is the lucky woman to get Colton’s first one-on-one date: a scenic boat ride along Thailand’s coast, which lands them at the “floating city” of Ko Panyi. Elyse’s surprise late-night visit to Colton leads to a game-changing bombshell. Colton and 10 women trek through the wild Thai jungle, navigating the inhospitable environment, but the Bachelor sneaks away with one smitten bachelorette for some steamy alone time. Cassie scores the final one-on-one date and the couple is left to their own devices on a deserted island. The cocktail party quickly turns hostile, and Colton, caught again in the middle of a firestorm between two women, takes drastic measures.

Heather, the never-been-kissed-before bachelorette, joins Colton on a scenic boat ride to Ko Panyi, a city built on stilts. Their bond strengthens as they shop, sightsee and sample local exotic foods. During dinner, she opens up about a past failed relationship. Will they discover an intimate common ground that might lead to Heather finally being kissed?

Elyse decides she urgently needs to talk to Colton and decides to take matters into her own hands. Her unexpected visit changes everything for the couple.

A group of 10 women accompanies Colton on a hike through the untamed Thai jungle. Survival expert “Jungle Joe” offers tips some of the bachelorettes find vile on persevering in the harsh surroundings. The group tests these suggestions as Joe splits them into three teams that must compete to bring back food and water within an hour. One team shocks the other two with how they play the game – and Colton slips out with one woman for some hot alone time, which infuriates the other ladies. After one woman declares her feelings to Colton at the after-party, chaos ensues when Onyeka accuses Nicole of not being there for the right reasons and makes sure Colton is aware of her suspicions.

A one-on-one date with Cassie, who hasn’t had much private time with Colton, is a welcome departure from the group date commotion. They make their trip to a deserted island their own passionate paradise.

The cocktail party drama leaves Colton confused and upset, as the ongoing war between Onyeka and Nicole reaches new heights resulting in a boisterous face-off that envelops everyone. The Bachelor’s attempt to intervene does nothing to calm the two women down, so he makes an unexpected move that throws the rest of the bachelorettes into panic mode.

The 13 remaining women are the following:
Caelynn, 23, Miss North Carolina 2018 from Charlotte, North Carolina
Cassie, 23, a speech pathologist from Huntington Beach, California
Demi, 23, an interior designer from Red Oak, Texas
Elyse, 31, a makeup artist from Soldotna, Alaska
Hannah B., 24, Miss Alabama 2018 from Tuscaloosa, Alabama
Hannah G., 23, a content creator from Birmingham, Alabama
Heather, 23, never been kissed from Carlsbad, California
Katie, 26, a medical sales representative from Sherman Oaks, California
Kirpa, 26, a dental hygienist from Whittier, California
Nicole, 25, a social media coordinator from Miami, Florida
Onyeka, 24, an IT risk consultant from Dallas, Texas
Sydney, 27, an NBA dancer from New York, New York
Tayshia, 28, a phlebotomist from Corona Del Mar, California

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