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Shiver me timbers! Eight women arrive at the arena that showcases the swashbuckling live show “Pirates Dinner Adventure.” Captain Colton greets them in full pirate regalia… Read Synopsis

Shiver me timbers! Eight women arrive at the arena that showcases the swashbuckling live show “Pirates Dinner Adventure.” Captain Colton greets them in full pirate regalia and introduces them to the professional performers, who dress the ladies appropriately from head to toe and then supports them through a challenging pirate tutorial. But it is nothing compared to Caelynn and Tracy competing for the position of Colton’s “first soul mate,” as the cheering crowd urges them on. Which bachelorette emerges as his most “arrrgh”-dent admirer and who will walk the plank? At the after party, Hannah B. and Caelynn, the beauty pageant archenemies, continue to spar and make wildly conflicting claims about each other to Colton. Who will he believe?

Elyse begins what she believes is a wonderful one-on-one date with Colton with a helicopter ride to San Diego, landing at renowned Belmont Park, the oceanfront amusement park. Then Colton announces this will be a “group” date, but much to Elyse’s surprise and delight, the “group” consists of excited kids from various local children’s charities. They have the whole park to themselves to play and have the time of their lives. The atmosphere changes as the couple gets intimate during the evening part of the date when Elyse shares a heartbreaking story with Colton. Later that night, Colton surprises his date with a performance by rising country music artist Tenille Arts singing her hit “I Hate This.”

Next, a daunting test of strength awaits eight more women, as Terry Crews and his wife, Rebecca King-Crews, coach a workout session for the bachelorettes, as they prepare to compete in the “ring flip,” the “cake push” and the “limo pull.” The three finalists then face off in the “heavy heart” race, hoisting a medicine ball representing Colton’s heart onto a pedestal. A woman with an undeniable competitive spirit lifts the championship trophy, but will she capture the group date rose? Another bombshell is dropped at the after party when the Bachelor leaves the women stunned by a sudden decision.

The switch from cocktail to pool party brings a fun change of pace but not for long. Bitter pageant rivals Caelynn and Hannah B. again take turns trashing each other in private conversations with Colton, leaving him confused and conflicted. What will he decide about the fate of both women? Twelve lucky bachelorettes will remain to try and capture Colton’s heart.

The 19 remaining women are the following:
Bri, 24, a model from Los Angeles, California
Caelynn, 23, Miss North Carolina 2018 from Charlotte, North Carolina
Caitlin, 25, a realtor from Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Cassie, 23, a speech pathologist from Huntington Beach, California
Catherine, 26, a DJ from Ft. Lauderdale, Florida
Courtney, 23, a caterer from Atlanta, Georgia
Demi, 23, an interior designer from Red Oak, Texas
Elyse, 31, a makeup artist from Soldotna, Alaska
Hannah B., 24, Miss Alabama 2018 from Tuscaloosa, Alabama
Hannah G., 23, a content creator from Birmingham, Alabama
Heather, 22, never been kissed from Carlsbad, California
Katie, 26, a medical sales representative from Sherman Oaks, California
Kirpa, 26, a dental hygienist from Whittier, California
Nicole, 25, a social media coordinator from Miami, Florida
Nina, 30, a sales account manager from Raleigh, North Carolina
Onyeka, 24, an IT risk consultant from Dallas, Texas
Sydney, 27, an NBA dancer from New York, New York
Tayshia, 28, a phlebotomist from Corona Del Mar, California
Tracy, 31, a wardrobe stylist from Los Angeles, California

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