L+3 Weekly: ABC Claims 6 of the Week’s Top 15 Broadcast Series and the Top 2 Comedies in AD18-49

L+3 Weekly: ABC Claims 6 of the Week’s Top 15 Broadcast Series and the Top 2 Comedies in AD18-49

April 3, 2020

Live+3 Day Ratings for the Week of March 23, 2020 (Week No. 27):

Please note: ABC’s “Modern Family” on Wednesday and “The Rookie” on Sunday were in repeats.


ABC Claims 6 of the Top 15 Broadcast Series of the Week in Adults 18-49

ABC Delivers the Top 2 Highest-Rated Comedies of the Week

ABC Has 3 of the Week’s Top 5 Biggest Gainers in TV Playback

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During the week of March 23, 2020, ABC claimed 6 of the week’s Top 15 highest-rated broadcast series in Adults 18-49, tying NBC for the most: “Grey’s Anatomy” (2.2/10), “The Good Doctor” (1.8/9), “American Idol-Monday” (1.7/7), “American Idol” (1.6/7), “The Conners” (1.5/7) and “Station 19” (1.5/7).


ABC delivered the week’s Top 2 highest-rated comedies with “The Conners” and “The Goldbergs” (1.3/6), respectively. 


ABC claimed the Top 3 programs on Thursday with “Grey’s Anatomy,” “Station 19” and “A Million Little Things” (1.4/7), respectively, and the Top 2 broadcast series on Sunday with “American Idol” and “America’s Funniest Home Videos” (1.2/6), respectively.


ABC had 3 of the week’s Top 5 biggest gainers in TV playback among Adults 18-49: “The Good Doctor” (+0.8 rating points), “Grey’s Anatomy” (+0.8 rating points) and “A Million Little Things” (+0.7 rating points). In fact, “The Good Doctor” matched its largest playback lift of the season.

ABC’s “The Good Doctor” stood as the week’s No. 1 biggest playback gainer in Total Viewers (+4.06 million) and stood as the only program of the week to grow by more than +4.0 million viewers from L+SD to L+3.


ABC’s “American Idol-Monday” grew over the prior week’s time period premiere by 8% in Total Viewers (8.4 million vs. 7.8 million) and by 13% in Adults 18-49 (1.7/7 vs. 1.5/7) to deliver its strongest performance on the night since May 2018—since the season 1 finale on 5/21/18. For the 2nd week in a row, “American Idol-Monday” posted gains over its comparable year-ago telecast (7.8 million and 1.5/7 on 3/25/19) in both Total Viewers (+8%) and Adults 18-49 (+13%).


Returning from the prior week’s pre-emption for a “20/20” special, part 1 of the 2-part season finale of “The Good Doctor” soared over its most-recent telecast by 16% in Total Viewers (10.9 million vs. 9.4 million) to draw its largest audience of the season and by 13% among Adults 18-49 (1.8/9 vs. 1.6/8) to match its season high. “The Good Doctor” dominated Monday’s 10:00 p.m. hour in Adults 18-49, widening its lead over runner-up NBC’s “Manifest” to 4-tenths of a rating point in the L+3 numbers (1.8/9 vs. 1.4/7) compared to 3-tenths in L+SD and winning the hour for its 8th straight telecast. In addition, with 10.9 million Total Viewers, “The Good Doctor” emerged as Monday’s most-watched scripted show, leapfrogging over Fox’s “9-1-1” to lead by 15% (9.5 million).



With its 3-hour drama lineup, ABC dominated Thursday among Adults 18-49 (1.7/8), nearly doubling its nearest competition (0.9/4 for Fox and NBC tied). ABC also ranked No. 1 on the night in Total Viewers (8.2 million), leading runner-up Fox by 52% (5.4 million). ABC won Thursday for the 5th straight week in Total Viewers and for the 10th consecutive week in Adults 18-49. ABC claimed the night’s Top 3 shows for the 2nd week in a row in both Total Viewers and Adults 18-49 with “Station 19,” “Grey’s Anatomy” and the season finale of “A Million Little Things.”


ABC stood as Thursday’s No. 1 gainer in TV playback in Total Viewers (+2.27 million) and Adults 18-49 (+0.6 rating points). Driven by its big playback lifts, ABC increased its winning advantages over the No. 2 network to 52% in Total Viewers in the L+3 numbers (8.2 million vs. 5.4 million for Fox), compared to 20% in L+SD, and to 8-tenths of a ratings point in Adults 18-49 (1.7/8 vs. 0.9/4 for Fox and NBC tied), compared to 5-tenths in L+SD.  


ABC’s “Station 19” ranked No. 1 in Thursday’s 8:00 p.m. hour among Adults 18-49 (1.5/7), beating its nearest competition by 50% (1.0/5 for Fox and NBC tied) and winning the hour on all 10 of its telecasts so far this season. The ABC drama also stood as the most-watched program in the hour (8.6 million). “Station 19” was Thursday’s No. 2 program with Total Viewers and Adults 18-49, behind only ABC’s “Grey’s Anatomy.” 


ABC’s “Grey’s Anatomy” stood as Thursday’s No. 1 program for the 10th week running in Adults 18-49 (2.2/10) and also won the night in Total Viewers (9.1 million).

The season 2 finale of “A Million Little Things” grew over the prior week by 8% among Adults 18-49 (1.4/7 vs. 1.3/7) to a 7-week high and tied its highest-rated telecast since November—since 2/6/20 and 11/14/19, respectively. In addition, “A Million Little Things” closed out its 2nd season with its biggest audience (6.81 million) since its winter premiere—since 1/23/20. The ABC drama emerged as Thursday’s No. 3 program in Adults 18-49 in the L+3 numbers, moving up from No. 6 in L+SD, and in Total Viewers, jumping up from No. 7 in L+SD. “AMLT” ranked as the No. 1 program in the Thursday 10:00 p.m. hour outright among Adults 18-49, moving out of a tie with NBC’s “Law & Order: SVU” in L+SD to lead by 8% in L+3 (1.4/7 vs. 1.3/7).



With originals of “America’s Funniest Home Videos” and “American Idol” from 8:00-10:00 p.m. leading into a repeat of “The Rookie” at 10:00 p.m., ABC ranked No. 1 on Sunday in Adults 18-49 (1.2/6), dominating runner-up CBS with an all-original lineup by 33% (0.9/4) and ranking as the night’s highest-rated broadcast network for the 8th consecutive week. ABC claimed Sunday’s Top 2 broadcast series among Adults 18-49 with “American Idol” and “America’s Funniest Home Videos,” respectively.


“America’s Funniest Home Videos” grew for its 2nd straight telecast in Total Viewers (+5% – 6.9 million vs. 6.6 million) and in Adults 18-49 (+9% – 1.2/6 vs. 1.1/5) to hit new season highs. In fact, “AFV” delivered its most-watched and highest-rated broadcast in more than a year—since 3/3/19. ABC’s “AFV” stood as Sunday’s No. 2 broadcast series and ranked as the No. 1 program in its 7:00 p.m. time slot among Adults 18-49.


ABC’s “American Idol” ranked as Sunday’s No. 1 broadcast series for the 7th week in a row with Adults 18-49 (1.6/7). “American Idol” held steady week to week among Adults 18-49 (coming within 1-tenth of a rating point with the prior week – 1.6/7 vs. 1.7/7).

Source: The Nielsen Company, week No. 27=3/23-3/29/20. Rankers exclude repeats.


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